Wednesday, 29 January 2014

2014 a year for change

Hi there can you believe it's over a month since we were eating, drinking and celebrating with our families no me neither . But it is and I really need to get myself into gear. This year is starting off different as due to funding cuts I'm not teaching any craft classes so that means I have all this lovely time to......craft. So no excuse for not getting those UFOs (unfinished objects) done. Out came the steps and I've dusted off a couple (read a load) of tins from the top shelf in my craft room.

I set to and have covered two..... Well it's a start
I'm putting them aside for a craft stall. I've filled the one of the left with toiletries  and the smaller tin with a couple of nail files, hand cream  and a lip balm.

So two down what shall I tackle next?