Monday, 21 May 2012

What's in a number?

Numbers either love them or hate them. For some maths is a whole new language. At school I quite liked maths but only the simple stuff, adding, subtracting, tables etc not algebra, common fractions, We don't use maths so much now, I mean can you remember the last time you were stood at the supermarket conveyor belt and mentally estimated how much you had spent no you just hand over your card and pay the bill. Even small purchases are not calculated just hand over a fiver the cashier will give you the right change(hopefully) once the till has told her how much. But for some maths is a key part of their lives and for my eldest son his job evolves around equations and formula as a research technologist so when it was his birthday last week I knew exactly which card I was going to make.
 The image is from Crafty Individuals mounted onto My Minds Eye Kraft Fun day paper.
Kraft card is so useful for mens cards.
Happy Birthday Ross hope your lottery numbers come up soon.

Monday, 14 May 2012

First try at jewellery making

This month's glue and stick project was a necklace. Not your pretty delicate sort more chunky steampunky kind of thing. I really enjoyed making this and to be honest it's not finished(nothing new there). I think it will live on my window sill and I'll continue to add to it when I find some more bits and bobs.
 I've used cut down rulers, jigsaw pieces, mini dominoes, broken earings
The centre piece is a silver badge with a shrink plastic clock face
Stamp board square with a Crafty Individuals image.
A chipboard heart made by sticking several chipboard hearts together to get a really chunky heart.
As you can see plenty of spaces for me to fill.