Sunday, 11 July 2010

School's out

Summer term has finished and I've no more classes until September. So today I spent some time messing about in my craft room. I started by sorting out a load of samples and putting inserts into them so they could go out to Afghanistan. One of my students regularly sends out cards so that our troops can send their loved ones a message. I'd never thought about it before but of course they don't have any shops. Then I decided to have a go at making a storage box that one of my crop friends had been making. It looked easy enough using envelopes.
Not bad for a first try but I think next time it doesn't need to be so wide. I'm going to stand it on my window sill and pop all those bits and bobs that get left on my desk. It should be full in about a week lol.

Then I carried on to cover a notebook.

Flower was made by punching out three circles, sewing on a button, then snipping round.

All in all a really nice way to while away a Sunday afternoon.


  1. Lovely stuff......... bits and bobs..... think you might need something a bit bigger!

  2. You were busy! Bet that was lots of fun :D Lovely to see the results, too.

  3. I like that envelope file thing..are you going to do a tutorial?

  4. Will do Sian when I get back from hols.

  5. What useful items will have to have a go at those! love all the ribbons and lovely papers

  6. Wow, wish I could do that much in an afternoon, they are both gorgeous :)


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