Wednesday, 13 October 2010


These fabulous roses were waiting for me at breakfast on Sunday. 10 to signify my birth date 10th October. I was stunned, Husband doesn't usually go in for this sort of thing. He then presented me with a booking confirmation at a top notch hotel and spa. WOW was I a lucky girl.

When we arrived at the reception I was presented with a further 10 roses and finally when we were shown into our room another 10 roses were waiting for me along with a lovely bottle of champers to complete the 10.10.10. I was speechless and that's saying something. Never in the 27 years I've known Phil has he ever sprung anything like this.  

This is our bathroom along with flat screen tv, doesn't every home have one!

 Our room was on the ground floor and looked out over the golf course. It was idyllic. We had full use of the spa(more photos later). I haven't come down yet. It was amazing. Luxury at it;s finest.
 It;s our silver wedding next year can't wait to see what he's planned for that!


  1. How stunning are all those flowers. If I had a flat screen at the end of the bath, I may never get out - how decadent!! Glad you had such a glorious time, well done to Phil for organising it.

  2. Aaaww, how romantic. Just the kind of place my hubby would book - on the golf course. lol

    We've just been to Florence for our Silver Wedding and it was fabulous.

    Glad you had a wonderful birthday.

    Chris x

  3. This put a smile on my face just reading about it :)

  4. That is so romantic of your DH and it must have made you feel so special. I remember once getting a card with a pipe and a flight of ducks from my DH!! He'll be hearing about your treat for sure!
    Jo x

  5. Oh wow, that is SO adorable of your husband to go to such effort... the thing with the three lots of 10 roses is just such a special touch and shows how much thought he put into it! Bless him, you've got a good one there! :)


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