Saturday, 26 March 2011

Fancy a spot of line dancing?

Ok are you ready have you got your dancing shoes on......       take a step to the left

 Now one to the right.....
 Then one to the middle......
 And if you've still got the energy one to the left and the right
Yes folks this week we've been making stepp cards in class. I can't line dance for the life of me I have no coordination but I rather enjoyed making these step cards.
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  1. They look fabulous.........

  2. These cards are so clever!

  3. These are lovely. Each using the same basic design and all so very different and so much detail on each one.

  4. Love your cards, they're fantastic!

  5. How cool, i've always seen then made like the first one.. and wasn't that keen but it's amazing how moving the steps changes it so much, i just love the last 2.
    But all your cards are fab.

  6. A lovely collection of step cards.
    xxx Hazel.

  7. Ooo...these cards are lovely Jan. I particularly like the ...ermmm...all of them! LOL. The 'mum' one would be a nice one for my mum. She liked sewing. She is going to be 97 in May. TFS. ~Glen~

  8. wow that is a superb collection :)

  9. These cards are absolutly stunning


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