Thursday, 5 January 2012

Look what I've found

Have you ever found something too late. I was just packing away our Christmas decorations when I came across these beautiful cones that  made at our last Glue and Stick. I've gone for a non traditional colour but I thought the pink was really pretty with the Victorian images. Ah well they'll keep for next year.

 Idea came from the hugely talented Effie
I'm so lucky to have some fabulously talented crafty friends (you get such lovely goodies at Christmas)  Here's a couple of the hand made gifts I got.Thanks girls.

 Thanks for dropping by I'm hoping this is my last Christmas themed post. I'm definitely Christmased out!


  1. The cones are lovely... I made some a couple of years ago for Easter and they look good with mini eggs, or even a larger chocky egg, in them and we also marbled eggs to go in.
    Love the patchwork stars too.
    JoZarty x

  2. Those cones look fab... The runner isn't bad either!


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