Monday, 14 May 2012

First try at jewellery making

This month's glue and stick project was a necklace. Not your pretty delicate sort more chunky steampunky kind of thing. I really enjoyed making this and to be honest it's not finished(nothing new there). I think it will live on my window sill and I'll continue to add to it when I find some more bits and bobs.
 I've used cut down rulers, jigsaw pieces, mini dominoes, broken earings
The centre piece is a silver badge with a shrink plastic clock face
Stamp board square with a Crafty Individuals image.
A chipboard heart made by sticking several chipboard hearts together to get a really chunky heart.
As you can see plenty of spaces for me to fill.


  1. It looks fab, a great place to add those best bits...

  2. this is a beautiful necklace, I hope you are pleased with it.

  3. wow love this creation - wish my first piece of jewellery looked that good!

  4. An insight on the workshop at jewellery making for people at large. An informative post for the taking.


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