Sunday, 10 February 2013

Dream a little dream

At our last glue & stick meeting we created textured canvases using lots of PVA glue, gesso,lace, ribbon and spray inks. I love getting messy as this is right outside my usual card making.  Under the guidance of the talented Gail I managed to create this.

The diamond trim is from The Ribbon Girl which a real favourite at the moment.... instant bling without the hassle of sticked down individual stones.

The lace and flower trim has been well and truely melded to the canvas with layers of gesso and glue.

I lightly coloured it with a pale lavender spray which I wiped off quickly so there is just a suggestion of colour. I'm really pleased how it turned out as I'm usually very heavy handed and most of my spraying looks as though I've dragged it through the mud!!


  1. How pretty!! That diamond ribbon looks a real time saver too!!

  2. This absolutely stunning.
    Love the colours and the bling.


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