Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My Month in Numbers Sept 2013

Since getting back from France I have taken my foot off the pedal a bit so it's time to get going again. So I'm going to start with my month in numbers for September.

886gms= the weight of my first crop of tomatoes.

 They tasted delicious! A testimony to our fab summer.

5 = the drawers in a new piece of bedroom furniture. 

While my youngest has been back packing round Europe I have bought him a new set of drawers with the hope that it might help him keep his room tidy.

Too many to count = the number of marshmallows in my great niece's hot chocolate.
199 = the steps up to Whitby Abbey that said niece and I climbed.
The view never ceases to amaze me. I love listening to people carefully counting the steps just to check. We actually counted 198. 

104 = the minutes taken for my nephew to run a half marathon.
How good was that, I have nothing but admiration for these athletes, a lot of whom were raising money for charity. Well done Ed.

11 = the number of Christmas gift bags made so far.
 This year I am determined not be rushing round at the last minute so I have been preparing stuff for weeks.

And finally.....
1 Christmas tree 
Sorry about the photo but it was a bit dark today. I made this at our glue and stick group with the help of Gail. It involved sewing (which is why I had help) bits of fabric onto eyelash wool. It's so pretty and I'll try and blog it again with better pictures.

So that's my September month in numbers. If you're wondering what's this all about click on the button on my sidebar and Julie will explain all. 


  1. Sounds and looks like you had a great month!! Even though it's a bit early, I love the Christmas tree!!

  2. I wonder if there's such a thing as a crafting-marathon ... I think we could just about manage that! [Mind you, some of our days at the cottage feel a bit like that!]

    And I really admire you sticking-power when it comes to completing all your Christmas projects!

    You're on the board now:

    See you tomorrow!

    Julie x

  3. Wow! Love the tree it fantastic.


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