Thursday, 25 June 2009

Celebration at Crafty Individuals

We had a nice surprise at class today, one of the girls was celebrating her 70th birthday and had brought along a bottle of bubbly and a huge chocolate cake. So before we started crafting we raised a glass and wished Sheila all the best. I was gob smacked that she was 70 I thought maybe 65. It made me realise that getting old may not be so bad after all as long as you have your health. She told me that she is so enjoying life. I think it's one of the knock on effects of crafting it keeps the old grey matter working.

After the festivities we set to and yes for the second time this year I finished my card yippee. I did suggest to Jean that instead of the cup of coffee maybe we should have something stronger every week, except we'd have to get taxis home!


  1. Both your cards are beautiful !!
    Thanks for showing us

  2. Love your cards and the stamps !

  3. oooo I really like this...I need to come round and get some lessons on how to create these beautiful cards.

  4. Beautiful, love the various swirls in the different areas of the card - really helps to pull it all together to have that visual similarity across the different bits. Lovely colour choices, too!


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