Friday, 30 October 2009

12 Days of Christmas Project

I've signed up for the 12 days of Christmas Project over on copy and paste. Kirstie and Julie are going to inspire us with beautiful ideas and projects to make from stuff we have at home. Now I'm renowned for not finishing things so this is going to be a real challenge to complete at least one project that I can use as a Christmas gift. So why not pop over and join in, then you too can have some more UFOs on your shelf. I hope to blog my efforts if they're not too embarassing so watch this space.


  1. Would love to read this but the colour blends into the background and I can't see it :0) (I am trying to be helpful, not critical)

  2. Thanks I've changed my font colour. Hope that helps

  3. Im Copying and Pasting too so I thought I'd say hi!


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