Sunday, 25 October 2009


Are you like me? Lots of UFOs (unfinished objects ) on your shelf. Well today I decided to tackle that pile of cards that was growing on my shelf. They only needed the inserts adding and then I could pass them on to my friend for her to sell. Well a girls gotta to do what she can to get her stash money. I felt quite chuffed by the time I'd finished, maybe I'll start on those mini books next and after that all those Crafty Individuals projects, then those little note books I was going to cover and don't forget the tins that are dying to be altered. As I was saying we all have those UFOs lols.

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  1. Hmmmm wish I had a pile of cards that just needed inserts! They all look great - each one so different.

    You've just reminded me that I have a notebook to alter today. lol

  2. UFOs....I think they multiply all by themselves!

  3. Well done, you must be feeling very please with yourself. Quite rightly so!:)

  4. I have a whole stack that need inserts and bags ... I just can't face them ... well not today anyway :0)


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