Friday, 1 January 2010

Men and boys

Why is that just after Christmas you have a flood of male birthdays? It's bad enough thinking of something to buy them for the festive season never mind a birthday present one week later! Anyway I set to and these are my efforts for my great nephew and a good freind.
Don't you find that male cards can be really tricky, if I didn't have so much stash I would buy them!!!!!
A Happy New Year and thanks for dropping by last year , hope you'll hang aroung for 2010

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  1. Nice cards, Happy New Year !

  2. Well you've done a fab job with them both - love 'em

    Happy New Year to you - Sam xxx

  3. Great job! A Happy New Year to you..of course I'll be reading in 2010!

  4. Know what you mean Janet- have a couple myself this month! Love both of your cards! xx

  5. Happy New Year, Janet.

    Your cards are fab. I've given up making male cards, I just buy them now. lol

  6. Great cards......... can't do mens' stuff!


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