Monday, 5 March 2012

A Sister is a special person

Especially mine. Our Mum died over 40 years ago and my sister has been like a mother to me.
She's the one who always sees the bright side of things. She's always ready for a shopping day or a cup of coffee (and cake) Sh e's lent me her car, her home and the odd £10 note lol. She often tells me how excited she was when I was born as she had two brothers and she wanted a sister. She's always there for me. So when it's a special persons birthday you need a special card and here's mine.
Happy Birthday Margaret my special sister.


  1. You'll set me off if I'm not careful [and I'm at work!] This is lovely. x

  2. How lovely, The card is lovely, Your sister sounds lovely too.

  3. This is lovely, I'm sure your sister will be over the moon with it. Lottyxx


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