Tuesday, 25 August 2009

When is glue and stick not glue and stick?

Why it's when you're invited to one of Gail's get togethers. I toddled along thinking I was in for a day of getting messy with glue when she really meant we were tackling something that needed painting and SEWING! Boy was I totally out of my comfort zone. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone for being so generous with their stash . I turned up poorly prepared. Well if you thought you were going to glue and stick what would you have taken...... yes glue and possibly double sided tape. I've linked the instructions here to make this lovely dickie bird as I was so over whelmed. He's proudly hanging in my craft room and I love him.
Next session we're making a notelet box and notelets, anyone any suggestions what I should take along?

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  1. I can see why you were surprised ... I would have been too I can also see why you are so proud ... he is totally gorgeous!

    As for what to take next time ... notelets??? I am thinking a hammer and nails *LOL*

  2. he is totally adorable....and how wonderful to actually be able to craft with Gail - Im not envious....not much anyway lol

  3. He's just fabulous Janet! x

  4. He's turned out to be a stunner!
    He looks fab!
    glad you enjoyed the day.

  5. It was good to see you there, glad you finally made it. Your birdie turned out fab,looks just like silk fabric.x

  6. Oh you lucky thing, i didn't realise you all had a get together to make these birds, i saw gails blog and instantly started hunting for supplies to make one 2, your's is just awsome, love the shine it has too x

  7. Oooooohhhhhh gorgeous! I want to make one!

    btw I think Linda's right, hammer and nails. lol

  8. this is so darn cute !!! great to play out of your comfort zone: it opens new doors!


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