Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Month in Numbers April

I thought it was time to join in with Julie's month in numbers. I've been following this fun and interesting post for some time now and I hadn't realised how easy it is to join in. All you need is a little note book (I think you've seen this before ).

 Jot a few of the numbers that you come across in your month, take a few matching photos, then blog.
So here's my month in numbers for April

4 items on my Easter table this year

2 yummy Easter eggs eaten, Creme Egg & Caramel

21 my little boy's birthday
Wow where did those years go?

1506 minutes of Downton Abbey watched during my Easter break. Apparently I have another Christmas Special to watch!!!!!

5 friends went to Ally Pally.

62 was my seat number on a very noisy train home.

43 days to go before I fly To Australia for the British & Irish Lions Rugby tour, check out Taylor's Tours.

12322  steps taken on a blustery walk along the beach.
 Can you see it's an all time record and boy was I tired when I got home.

So there's my first month in numbers. Why don't you pop over to Julie;s and join in and then I can share your month in numbers too.


  1. You missed the million calories in all the cakes!

  2. Sounds like a busy month Jan. That was some marathon watchathon of Downton

    Im sure the all time record beach walk deserved a reward of cake at the end of it

  3. Welcome aboard!

    Your Australia numbers are going to be fabulous to record!

    I'm so envious of all the Month in Numbers bloggers with smartphones who track their walking distances etc. The other day at work I must have walked miles up and down stairs all day - and I have no proof!

    I've added your debut to the board now:

    Happy May - see you soon.

    Julie x

  4. Congratulations on your record number of steps. I hope you enjoy your trip down our way.

  5. Great place to walk obviously with your high number of paces. Great numbers. I can't wait to read next months number while you are in Australia

  6. Oh I'm counting steps too :) that move apps is cool :)


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