Wednesday, 29 May 2013

What to do on a wet Friday?

This was the view from my kitchen window on Friday and although it looks very green and pretty what the photo doesn't show is the rain and the wild wind that was blowing! 

So what to do on a day like thisHousework, ironing,shopping no what better to do than meet up with some crafty friends. 

Off to Julies, who filled the teapot, 

fed us lunch (delicious it was too),sorry we ate it before I could get out the camera!

 eat cake provided by Jean
It was yummy,
Fill up a waste paper basket.
I wish I could say I made all of these but I didn't, a certain Effie attacked her bit box with gusto!

I was in, dare I say .....Christmas mode. Listen you can never start your Christmas preparations too early!

Ok so what do you do a wet and windy Friday?


  1. Do you know what was another fun thing to do? taking that waste paper basket outside to the recycling bin while trying not to let any of it fly all over the garden! It was no mean feat!

    Thanks for coming!

    p.s: Nice shot of my sugar bowl ... ;-)

  2. Oh wow, sounds like the perfect day!

    Lucy x

  3. ... A great way to spend a wet and windy Friday... Had a fab time!

  4. What a fab way to spend a wet and windy day. I must say while I was admiring Julie's tea pot I did have a little laugh at her sugar bowl!

    Sounds like you all had fun and were very productive, most jealous!! But really Jan the "C" word in May!!! Come on lol


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