Saturday, 1 June 2013

My month in numbers May 2013

Hi there I can't believe it's time for another month in numbers so here's mine.

11 the winning number on husband's bingo card. Now he's not an habitual bingo player but we were away in the caravan and we had got together with friends. He won the princely sum of £2.50.
 6401 our flight number to Barcelona to watch the Spanish GP.

1198 miles to Barcelona.
 I can't remember what this building is but it was one of many we saw on our bus tour round town. It was sunny but a bitterly cold wind made us seek the shelter of a local bar, where we tried the tapas.

66 the number of laps of the Circuit de Catalunya for the Spanish GP. This was our first visit to a GP, the noise, the smell of the petrol,the colour all added to a great experience.The cars went round so fast that we had lots of photos with nothing on but here's one with cars!

6 1/2 the size of my new pink shoes. If you need to know more click here.

7 Christmas tags made.
6 the number of die cutting machines when a group of friends got together for a manmouth cutting session.
  12 the number of days to my trip to Australia.

1 Lions kit for said trip.

So that's my month in numbers. If you're wondering what's this all about or even better want to join in then pop over to Julie's blog and sign up.Just click on the button at the side of my blog.

See you next month when I'll be posting from down under.



  1. Being entirely non-sporty I had to ponder what the 'Spanish GP' was for a moment. Seemed a long way to go to watch a doctor ...

    And what a shame it was cold and you had to go in and eat tapas ... it must have been tough!

    I've added you to the board now:

    Happy June - have a wonderful trip if I don't see you before you go!

    Julie :-)

  2. What a huge bingo win Lol.

    The Barcelona pics looks great

    I love your tags but Christmas, really! In May ! You are so organised

  3. Great set of numbers x
    Have a fabulous time in Australia :)

  4. Great Photos! What a great ideas to have a die cutting party!

  5. You seem to always be going somewhere fun, I hope you enjoy your trip down here ...

    and I'm just blocking out that mention of Christmas :)

  6. Just saw this post peaking out below the one with those gorgeous cards - guess you are in Australia now... and lucky you - Barcelona AND a GP... I love Barcelona. Enjoy the Lions.

  7. Have a fab time in Australia. The Grand Prix looks great fun. Those tags are really lovely. I'm wondering what the collective noun for BigShots is??

  8. I too like your Christmas tags and the rest of your numbers are impressive too! Barcelona and then Australia! Wow, I am a bit jealous! :)


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