Thursday, 1 August 2013

My month in number June and July 2013

Hi I've decided to combine June and July numbers as I have been traveling around  Australia. We went on The British and Irish Lions Tour.(click here for the full story)

10 the number of flights I took. Durham Tees valley-Amsterdam-Bangkok-Taipei-Brisbane- Melbourne- Sydney- Guangzhou-Amsterdam-Durham Tees Valley.

3Jk my seat number. Lovely hubby donated his airmiles for me travel business class and what a difference. The air stewards called me Mrs Taylor. Real glasses and cutlery, food that tastes of what it said on the menu.FABULOUS... thanks Phil. 

 5944 miles traveled from Amsterdam to Brisbane.

6 different hotels.

2 Smoggy hats (click here for a definition of a smoggy).

22389 steps walked around Melbourne on one day phew!

 8 wines tried on our wine tour round the Yarra valley.Cheers

 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road. These are rock formations along the coast outside Melbourne.Absolutely stunning. The observant among you will note that there aren't 12. Well there never has been 12 but the tale goes that a local school girl came up with the name of the Apostles in a competition.  Later on the the number 12 was added. Still beautiful whether there's 8, 9 or 12.
 79 steps to Gibsons bay a beautiful secluded beach (well apart from all the tourists).
1 very cute Koala
56 the birthday that Phil celebrated on our holiday.
83,704 rugby fans in the ANZ stadium in Sydney to see the Lions end 20 years of defeat. The final score 41-16. FANTASTIC

4 scrumptious pancakes consumed by me, Phil, my brother Charlie and the biggest,eaten by my sister-in-law Robyn.

3 nights spent in the fabulous Blue Mountains.
2 local lads
1 very very very steep railway
0 the number of wild kangaroos seen.

1 fabulous holiday down under.

So there it is my two months in numbers if you want to know more about Julies month in numbers then click on the side button and join in.

If you want to read the full down under saga then click here.

As for the communal count I've opted for 
825, the number of photos taken, 0 the number printed.  



  1. That's a brilliant set of numbers and I love the photos.Glad you had a great time, the smoggies brought them luck :0)

  2. Oh I don't know where to begin! I loved all your holiday blog posts - and seeing it all condensed in here it really does look like a really special time. I think - with those initials - you were sat in *my* seat on the plane though!

    Now I have my own pedometer I can truly appreciate how many steps you walked! Was it in your Clark's shoes? You could have got yourself a job as a sole tester for them!

    I've added you to the board now:

    Happy August! [Maybe see you tomorrow?]

    Julie :-)

    p.s: The questions for the 2nd 'Communal Count' are now up on my blog if you'd like to join in again :-)

  3. Oh wow what a fabulous holiday that must have been - totally brilliant set of numbers. That was some number of steps - I am very impressed! I very much enjoyed reading your post- thanks, J x

  4. Ohhh what a lot you did Jan !!

  5. Oh how fun to see your holiday "counted up" this way. And what a glorious adventure it seems.

  6. Looks like you have had an amazing two months - what a fab holiday x

  7. My goodness, what a very special trip - the sheer variety of things you've seen, places you've been, experiences you've had (sorry about the kangaroo fiasco) ... wonderfully flavoursome summary in digits. And a very happy photo of you both :).


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