Monday, 5 August 2013

This week I'm loving

UFOs no not the unexplained things flying in the sky but that mound of unfinished objects that are lying around in my craft room. Last week I tackled the mammoth job of clearing out. Do you ever start something and think half way through "Why did I start this?" But once started you have no choice but continue. In one of the corners I came across this box marked UFO. 

Full to the brim of stuff that I haven't finished. Most of it were class samples. So I set to and  added inserts, envelopes and cello bags. Now I have a pile of cards ready to sell or use. 
The UFO box is only a quarter full now and maybe I might find the energy to tackle some more next week. I felt quite good when I finished. 

So if you have that UFO box lurking about in your space check it out you may find some gems.


  1. Great to finish all those UFO's Jan !!

  2. Well done you on making such a good start on finishing off the projects.

    My box isnt so much full of unfinished projects - more onces still to be started lol

  3. Well done to you, quite an achievement, you really should feel good, YAY! :D

  4. Oh, that top card looks lovely! (and I am sure the same is true of all the others underneath). Such a fresh colour mix. You have my congratulations for tackling UFOs - I am more likely to wince and shove 'em to the back of the cupboard again!


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