Monday, 12 August 2013

This week I'm loving.....

holidays! I've been extremely lucky this year in the holiday stakes.Barcelona, Australia and now France. We planned this visit to France before we decided to do the Lions tour. It started off with an idea to take the caravan to the Normandy coast to re-do the DD landings. 

We had visited the area before when the boys were young and we spent most of our time climbing gun turrets or running up and down bomb craters!! We were much younger then so I don't think we will be doing that again (but you never know). 

Then we decided to invite sister and brother-in-law to join us but we couldn't find affordable accommodation. After all it will be the height of school holidays. BIL came to the rescue when he remembered that his brother had a place in France. 

So to cut a long story short, if you're still with me, what started as a caravan holiday has ended up as flights to St Malo, car to Limoges, drive back up to a friends gite in Normandy. 

Hope we get to see the DD beaches after all this organising.

Vive La France   


  1. You certainly have pulled out all the stops - have a great time.


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